Grounded By Granite


On Loon Island, a granite mound in a pristine lake near Frontenac Provincial Park in the Ontario Canadian Shield, post-war summer days for Patti and her siblings overflowed with swimming, fishing and hunting for snapping turtles. Life seemed perfect until a shocking letter from the Department of Lands and Forests questioned their ownership of the land.

Grounded by Granite transports you to a time when cottage life spelled simplicity. A time of scary campfires and harmonized voices drifting over the surface of a moonlit lake. An era where families played Snakes and Ladders by the light of coal oil lamps and kids read comics under the covers by flashlight. Experience the ancestral traditions of a quirky yet lovable cast of extended family members at a lake where summers seemed to last forever. From the award-winning author of Nepal One Day at a Time, a haunting, and at times comical, memoir of close family bonds and wilderness experiences that produced a solo adventure traveller and global humanitarian.