Eco Bag Hinza

Made From Renewable Plant Raw Material
The Hinza bag is made from 'green plastic' that is based on a renewable raw material-sugar cane. A renewable raw material is a natural resource that is constantly being regenerated, unlike a fossil raw material such as oil, which can take millions of years to form. 

When sugar cane is growing, it absorbs carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. As the amount of carbon dioxide does not increase, as in the case when ordinary plastic from fossil raw materials is burned, there is no impact on our climate.

Green plastic is recycled in the same way as ordinary plastic. Variations in the surface may occur. 
A Swedish Design Classic
The Hinza bag was designed in the 1950's by Perstorp AB- a pioneer company in the field of plastics. The bag soon became a great favourite in Swedish homes. Since 2008 the bag has been produced by Hinza AB, whose CEO is Karin Bachstatter, great-granddaughter of the founder of Perstorp AB.

The production takes place in Sweden in a factory that has earned ISO certificates for it's environmental and quality management systems.