Our Canada Children's Book


Our Canada: A Year with Canuck Kids is a fun and easy way to learn about Canada as a country, its identity at home, and around the world. The perspectives illustrated in this book are those of our children. Their unprompted and open thoughts beautifully reveal the contemporary, diverse and multi-cultural richness of Canada, the pride the children have for their country and the uniqueness they are as citizens. A year in the life of these Canadian children is a snapshot of events, traditions and customs they celebrate with their families, the foods they eat and everyday play and school activities. Although they live in different parts of the country, and have different family backgrounds, they all have one thing in common – they want to lead a happy life, want to have many friends, and live in a safe, peaceful and healthy country. 

The book is for children, and their teachers and parents who guide them. The book is for immigrant families wanting to discover and embrace everything about their newly chosen home. It is also a glorious reminder for visitors to Canada of the defining features that characterize Canadian communities and contribute to the identity and image of the country.

Wherever you go in Canada, you will see and talk to proud Canadians. They understand and embrace their own identity and acknowledge that it is a wonderful patchwork of present, past, introduced and native elements, ideas, hopes and beliefs. This book is a children’s adventure that captures the very essence of who we are as Canadians, and that inclusion, equality, empathy and diversity are at the core of Canadian values. 

The future of Canada lies in the thoughts and hopes of these nine Canuck children and thousands of others just like them.  They are curious and creative. They are respectful and thoughtful. They are ambitious and are capable of great things. They know that they will have to work and study hard to achieve the good life they seek. They openly embrace people from different backgrounds and cultures.  Above all, they clearly love their country.